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Justifying the Juice

I love the saying: Is the squeeze worth the juice? Meaning, is the effort worth the outcome? I find it unsettling that “is it worth it?” continues to be a topic of conversation regarding strategic meetings management (SMM). I am a believer that the results of an SMM absolutely justify the juice, whether you have 50 or 1,500 meetings a year. In all situations I have been involved with, SMM has resulted in several positive outcomes. The graphic below illustrates four major areas where organizations see the most benefits from SMM programs.

All these results may not come to fruition at the same time, but even if just a few of them emerge in the first six months, most would agree that the squeeze is indeed worth the juice! After some small successes, be sure to promote the achievements of the program and thank those who are participating. Once the momentum builds, the adoption of the program begins to magnify quickly and even more of your anticipated results will become reality—justifying the juice!

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