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Bondurant Consulting
Betsy Bondurant, CMM - President
Independent  | Innovative | Unbiased

EXPERTISE: Betsy is a seasoned professional with a unique and comprehensive 360° perspective, encompassing a distinguished career marked by broad expertise in various facets of the hospitality and travel industry. With a strong foundation in hotel sales, meeting and trade show management, as well as travel and procurement, she has amassed over 25 years of direct involvement in the discipline of Strategic Meetings Management (SMM).

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: A trailblazer in her field, Betsy implemented a groundbreaking SMM program at the world's largest biotech company in the year 2000. This initiative showcased her innovative approach and commitment to driving strategic value in the corporate meetings space. In 2007, Betsy made the transition from corporate meetings management to niche consulting, where she continues to make significant contributions.

TEAM: With a team of consultants, Bondurant Consulting offers vital services, providing unbiased assessments, in-depth analyses, benchmarking, and strategic recommendations for event management and SMM programs. The expanse and wealth of experience and expertise positions Betsy and her team as trusted advisors for organizations seeking to optimize their meetings and events strategies.

INDUSTRY INFLUENCE: In addition to her consulting work, Betsy is a prolific professional author and speaker. She has authored numerous articles, developed educational content, and presented to planner and supplier audiences across North America, Europe, and Asia. Her many years volunteer leadership with Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) and the Events Industry Council (EIC) reinforces Betsy’s commitment to sharing knowledge and insights further establishes her as a thought leader in the global meetings and events community.

In summary, Bondurant Consulting provides a wealth of experience, innovation, and expertise to the table, making Betsy and her team standout professionals in the realm of hotel sales, strategic meetings management and event management. The contributions to the industry, both as a practitioner and consultant, underscore Betsy’s commitment to advancing excellence in meetings and events on a global scale.

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