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SMM Optimization
Identifying SMM process and design modifications help to optimize programs to become a Center of Operational Excellence (COE)


  • Conduct current state program assessment of processes, data, structure

  • Create and conduct program survey; analyze results

  • Schedule and conduct stakeholder interviews


  • Deliverable providing insights and direction on current state, observations, and structure for success

  • Opportunity prioritization and recommendations to advance the program

Evaluating similar programs provides deep insights to validate hypotheses, identify best practices, opportunities, and create a path forward


  • Identify categories to benchmark; Define maturity continuum

  • Conduct examination of current industry trends

  • Conduct interviews with participating companies


  • Aggregate findings; created comprehensive confidential report

  • Provide recommendations for sponsoring company

  • Conduct post-benchmark feedback session with participating companies

Business Plan / Strategy Development
Recommending a strategic approach and operational model that align with corporate Mission, Values and Culture to achieve program acceptance and adoption


  • Conduct internal assessment and stakeholder interviews

  • Review and analyze processes, policies and data

  • Create and conduct program survey; analyze results


  • Provide program governance and organizational design options

  • Suggest agency and venue sourcing strategies

  • Recommend funding and payment approaches

  • Advise change management methodologies; communication planning

Policy Review

Updating or creating a M&E policy to encourage positive user behaviors, reduce risk and shrink leakage outside of the SMM program is best practice


  • Review existing M&E policy (if available)

  • Review related corporate policies such as travel; procurement, sustainability


  • Review and assess; make recommendations for improvements

  • Create draft M&E policy for client review and internal approvals

Request for Proposal (RFP) Support
Conducting a comprehensive and time bound RFP provides reliable data to make informed supplier decisions


  • Design RFP format following conventional procurement processes

  • Manage timeline, communications, supplier Q&A

  • Recommend evaluation team participants

  • Organize response review and live presentations


  • Comprehensive and consistent data for analysis

  • Unbiased scoring grid to evaluate suppliers resulting in finalist selections

Betsy, the President of Bondurant Consulting, is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer for planners, suppliers and industry associations. Bespoke educational content is developed for planners and suppliers delivered either live or digitally.


  • Speaking and training topics include but are not limited to:

    • SMM fundamentals and optimization

    • Supplier Relationship Management

    • Stakeholder management

    • Managing Healthcare Professional (HCP) meetings

    • Customized topics as requested by clients

Outstanding Outcomes!

  • ‘Betsy was an excellent speaker and I wish she had more time!’

  • ‘Great insight into meetings management!’

  • ‘Awesome job and perfect balance of planned content and Q&A from my perspective!’

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